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“Going through college, I was like ‘Man, if I could just figure out how to get these cows to make alcohol, we’d be set.”

When you see dairy cows, you probably think of milk, cheese, ice cream, right? Now add vodka to that list!
TMK Creamery upcycles whey leftover from our cheese-making process into Cowcohol. This sipping vodka, and future spirits, offer a smooth finish that is perfect for sipping, or in your favorite cocktails. Make time to visit the World’s only Creamery + Distillery. Spend your day at the farm, meet our Cowlebrities, see where we make our cheeses, and taste the results at our very own Food Truck. Fresh soft serve ice cream, fresh grilled cheese, all angus burgers & grillers, (yup TMK grows the beef too), the world's best fried cheddar curds, if we do say so ourselves, and the World’s only all-in-one Creamery + Distillery!
Everyone is welcome.

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Inflation has this company making dairy vodka

Aug. 11, 2022 - 3:51 - TMK Creamery owner Todd Koch joined 'Kennedy' to discuss converting a cheese byproduct called whey into vodka.



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