We're here for you.

OPEN FRIDAY'S from 4 to 7PM and SATURDAY and SUNDAY from 11AM to 4 PM


We know for sure that we exist to give you a transparent look at where your food comes from. We grow, feed, milk and make, start to finish to bring your family the real food they hunger for.

We believe it is our duty to be stewards of the land we live and work on, treat our animals the way we want to be treated and share the entire process in a manner where everyone is welcome.

Like you, we want to live in a world where:

  • Quality food is made simply, with ingredients that you recognize
  • We know where our food comes from
  • Consumers can buy what they need direct from the source

We care deeply and feel responsible for:

  • The life long care of our animals 
  • Forward thinking stewardship of our land
  • Recycling Nutrient water and consistent management of our waste
  • Limiting our packaging and using sustainable materials
  • Thinking creatively to upcycle remnants from each of our processes

We want nothing more than:

  • To share our farm and creamery with the public
  • Invite everyone to enjoy experiences and enjoy our farmstead products
  • To show off our Cowlebrities in a way that creates a connection and appreciation for their role in our family
  • Offer year-round youth activities
  • And continuously create responsible, distinctive, one of a kind products

We will show the world that:

  • Dairy is a versatile and critical food group
  • A small farm can have worldwide impact through thoughtfully crafted products
  • Showing the end consumer where their food comes from is a priority

At TMK, we get to spend our days doing what we love, working in an industry that makes a difference worldwide, and sharing that passion with people from all walks of life. We’re thankful for those opportunities every day. We build trust in our products and our process by showing how we make our farm to table products. That’s the difference you can see AND taste.

Real Farm. Real Food. It all starts on the farm.