Tour the Creamery & Distillery

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Would you like the opportunity to learn why our cheese, Cowcohol, and ice cream are some of the best in Oregon? We offer guests unique opportunities to see how we do things at TMK and learn why our products stand out from the herd:
  • The barn door is open on Fridays 4-7pm and Saturdays and Sundays 11-4pm. Don’t miss your chance to meet our Cowlebrities and Jr Cowlebrities, and view how TMK cheese, ice cream, and our world famous Cowcohol is made.

  • Milking with Marc" – Go behind the scenes and milk the TMK Cowlebrities and feed the Jr Cowlebrities. This unique experience gives guests a hands-on experience to learn why TMK products taste better than the rest! Remember to dress for the outdoors, and wear closed-toe shoes. Tickets are available to purchase on our website.

Know your farmer, know your food. 


Savvy shoppers are more interested than ever in how their food is produced. This is because our food tastes better when we know where it’s from! Through these unique activities, our customers can learn about the farmers, practices, and bovines behind the nutritious and delicious dairy products we sell at TMK.

For many people who visit our farm, especially children, this visit may mark the first time they have seen the source of their food. This direct-to-consumer experience allows time for questions and answers at an any level, and an opportunity for us to share what practices are being used to make our milk, cheese, ice cream, and Cowcohol.

TMK Farm is ideal for your on-farm experience, just 35 minutes from Portland, Oregon! Spend an hour or spend the day. Learn how your popular dairy products are produced, meet our “cow-lebrities” and gain a working knowledge of life on the farm.

Youth group tours available. Email to schedule.

This direct-to-farmer learning experience allows time for questions and answers at an any level level, and an opportunity for farmers to share what practices are being used and the logic behind them. As they say, “Know your farmer, know your food.”

It’s an exciting time at TMK farm! Experience TMK and enjoy some of the regions most sought-after delicacies including our artisan cheeses, homemade soft serve ice cream, TMK milk shakes, and more! PLUS, we're crafting homegrown goodness in the TMK foodtruck, deep fried fresh cheddar curds, grilled cheese, TMK angus beef burgers, cheese steak sandwiches and more! You can take home your favorites: hard pack ice cream, TMK Meat Co steaks and grillers, pure vanilla extract, taco sauce, and the world's only Cowcohol, a whey-distilled vodka.

We look forward to welcoming you to TMK!