How Cheese is Made

“Say Cheese!” is for more than photos at TMK Farm. We are excited to announce a growing line of TMK Artisan Cheeses. You’ll fall in love with our Queso Blanco AND soon you will be able to see it produced and prepared right at the dairy.

Those in the know, know that the best cheeses start with the highest quality milk. We are building out a in-depth dairy experience including a tour, cheese making classroom, Country store and more! We’re excited for you to be able to visit the farm to meet our “cow-lebrities” and see the gals that contribute to the cheese-making process. We are hopeful and excited to partner with Chase Mission Main Street to speed up our five year plan by over 36 months!  It’s an exciting time at TMK farm!

It’s also an ideal time to meet Shauna, our family fromagere, and let her walk you through the process, sample her latest recipes, and introduce you to the world of cheese-making.

Artisan cheese-making classes coming soon!